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Case Studies


BarneyBarneyBarney, Labrador, Lumbar Spine Injury

Barney had a freak accident when he fell of the cliffs when out on a walk which resulted in Lumbar Spine Injury which caused Paraplegia in the hind limbs. Barney had surgery which involved using metal plates to stabilise his spine. Barney attended hydrotherapy twice weekly and eventually regained full movement in his hind limbs. He now leads a happy normal life, but still comes along to Hydrotherapy on a regular basis. Barney also has Physio on a regular basis with Mary.


Kiki, Chow, Non-Surgical Cruciate Injury

Kiki had a partially ruptured cruciate ligament following jumping off the sofa and twisting as she landed. After 4 weeks of rest she began weekly hydrotherapy sessions as her owner wanted to avoid surgery if possible. After several months Kiki was fully recovered and running about on all 4 legs. Kiki still attends hydrotherapy to maintain her fitness and has since won first place in her class at Crufts 2017.

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