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Frequently Asked Questions about Canine Hydrotherapy

Can I Swim my Dog For Fun ?

Absolutely, however you will still require Veterinary Approval to indicate your pet is fit enough. We will deal with obtaining this approval directly from your vet. If your vet sees your pet regularly there is often no need to make an appointment to see your vet.


Does the Hydrotherapist go in the pool with the dog ?

Yes, our hydrotherapists always work with the dog from in the water. This provides better control, best monitoring of their condition and health, puts the dog more at ease and is more ‘fun’ for them.


Can I go in the pool with my dog ?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We need to ensure the safety of your pet at all times, it is surprising how difficult it is to handle pets in water, our staff make it look easy however to do this safely it takes significant training and experience.


How often will my dog require Hydrotherapy ?

This varies form Dog to Dog depending on their condition, this should be discussed with your Vet and Hydrotherapist to gain the best benefit of the sessions.


Can I Claim the cost of Treatment from my Insurance ?

This is dependant on your insurance company, but generally insurance companies will pay for some Clinical hydrotherapy treatment from CHA registered centres. Sessions should be paid at the time of treatment and then claimed back, we will complete any paperwork requested.


How long does a session last ?

Each appointment is allocated 40 minutes to ensure adequate time is given to both pet and owner. Many centres only allocate 30 minutes, we believe this is too rushed and doesn't give time to review your pet prior to their session or time to 'cool' down and discuss the session with the owner.


Who are the Hydrotherapists ?

Our Hydrotherapists are Helen, Averilla and Charlotte, all of whom have carried out specialised training to Level 3 standard at the Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Training Centre, they are all certified by the CHA and entitled to use the title 'MCHA'. All therapists complete a minimum of 25 hrs CPD (Continued Professional Development) through external courses and self directed learning.


 Will I be able to watch ?

Absolutely, we encourage full owner participation.


Will my dog be dried after treatment ?

Your dog will be showered off, to remove any residual water sanitising chemicals, the excess water blown off and then towel dried. Your dog will not be fully dry, and a towelling coat is recommended for them to travel home in.


How do you control your water ?

The water in pool and treadmill is treated with Bromine to ensure sanitization. Bromine levels are monitored throughout the day to keep them at the correct levels. These levels are comparable to a human swimming pool. A water sample is sent to an external lab monthly to ensure its quality and cleanliness, including tests for legionnaires and E-Coli.


What temperature is the water ?

The pool and treadmill are kept around 30-32 degrees.

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