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Aquatic Massage

Aquatic Massage at East Yorkshire HydrotherapyAquatic Massage at East Yorkshire HydrotherapyAquatic Massage is the use of massage in the water. It is manipulation of the soft tissues using various techniques and helps to reduce and relieve spasms and tension in the soft tissues. It helps to increase blood flow and also the flow of o2 and nutrients to the areas and this helps to flush metabolic wastes. Massage releases endorphins, increases the range of movement of joints, reduces swelling and inflammation and also helps to increase the elasticity of tissues.

Massage also increases the trust level between your pet and the therapist as it helps them to bond. Massage has an effect on various systems throughout the body such as circulatory system, nervous system, muscular system, respiratory system, skin, skeletal system, endocrine system and also the digestive system. 

Aquatic Massage at East Yorkshire HydrotherapyAquatic Massage at East Yorkshire HydrotherapyBy using massage during a Hydrotherapy session you get all the benefits of Hydrotherapy but also the muscles are more relaxed which makes them easier to palpate. At times you can work deeper into the tissues. For nervous dogs the water can act as a distraction. It can sometimes be easier to identify problems, pain, tenseness and trigger points. Massage can also help to decrease rehabilitation time so therefore getting your pet back to activity quicker. Massage can be used in the pool or treadmill. The effects of Hydrotherapy are increased when combined with massage therefore you may notice the visible and physical improvements lasting longer. 


Aquatic Massage at East Yorkshire HydrotherapyAquatic Massage at East Yorkshire HydrotherapyIn some cases massage will not be possible. These are for example if your pet is running a fever, over broken bones, when your pet has open wounds (Hydrotherapy would also not be undertaken). If your pet has a skin infection. If your pet appears to be in pain during the massage or is continuously trying to avoid the contact. Also if your pet is pregnant or has cancer. 

There can be some side effects to massage and these are very similar to in a human and not uncommon. This could be flu like symptoms such as diarrhoea, increased thirst, vomiting, nasal discharge and strong urine. These usually resolve on their own within 48hrs. 


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