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Water Treadmill

Treadmill benefits 

  • Pets use the same extension and flexion as when walking so this helps to regain joint function.
  • After weakness in a limb/s or paralysis it can re-educate gait enabling your pet to return to some degree of activity earlier. This is especially beneficial after spinal injuries where correcting limb use is very important. The therapist can be in the treadmill encouraging correct limb usage and placement.
  • In some conditions your pet can gain limb usage earlier.
  • Due to your pet having to weight bare to a certain degree but still being in a pain free environment, the treadmill increases muscle function and strength quicker than the pool.
  • Therapists have control of how fast your pet is able to move and this can be adjusted to get the best range of movement from your pets limbs.
  • Therapists can control how much weight baring your pet is doing by adjusting the level of the water.
  • The treadmill can help to improve water confidence as the water slowly fills from the bottom up and your pet will have his/her paws on the belt and not be out of their depth.
  • The treadmill can be a more balanced treatment approach for pets with a few issues such as more than one joint affected, muscle atrophy etc
  • The treadmill gives support to weak patients making it so they can move easier than they would do on land.
  • Due to the way the treadmill works and ensuring pets are kept in a straight line it is gentle and low impact enough treatment for some pets to commence hydrotherapy as soon as sutures are removed post op (depending on condition and vets advice)
  • The treadmill enables your pet to be viewed from every angle and this is great for assessing your pets movement and enabling therapists to make the correct adjustments to the session to gain the best quality movement.
  • The water for the Treadmill is fed from the pool and so therefore is tested 3 times daily as a minimum for water quality and kept as clean as possible. This also means that the treadmill water is the same temperature as the pool providing the same therapeutic benefits. 
  • Good for Brachycephalic breeds and deep chested breeds

When is the Treadmill used? 

  • Spinal injuries - non surgical and post surgery
  • Cruciate ligament injuries -surgical and conservative management
  • Early stage CDRM
  • Spondylosis
  • Biceps tendon injuries
  • Soft tissue damage 
  • Muscle weakness and atrophy
  • To target specific muscle groups and joints dependant on water fill level
  • Luxating Patella
  • When a pet has Laryngeal paralysis (can’t go in the pool)
  • Improving Gait 
  • Also good for conditioning show dogs.
  • Weight loss



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